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Zombie Bunny Baby Tee

- A custom-designed Zombie Bunny face Baby Tee. = x - x =
- Zombie Bunny face painted then digitalized by Isabella Addison.

- Made in the USA.

- Female model is 5' 5" and wearing a size XS and male model is 5'10" and wearing size Large.

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Zombie Bunny Hoodie Disclaimer

By purchasing and using the Zombie Bunny Hoodie, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Safety Precautions:

  • The Zombie Bunny Hoodie is designed with long ears. Use the provided buckle fasteners to secure the ears and prevent dragging on the floor.
  • The presence of buckle fasteners does not waive the risk of injury associated with wearing the Zombie Bunny Hoodie.
  • Exercise caution while wearing the hoodie to avoid any potential hazards.

Assumption of Risk:

  • The wearer assumes all risks associated with using the Zombie Bunny Hoodie, including the risk of injury.

Zombie Bunny LLC's Limitation of Liability:

  • Zombie Bunny LLC disclaims any responsibility for injuries or damages that may occur while using the Zombie Bunny Hoodie.

Not Suitable for Certain Activities:

  • Avoid engaging in activities where the hoodie may pose a risk of injury.


Supervise children and individuals who may need assistance to ensure safe use.

  • Release of Liability:
  • By purchasing the Zombie Bunny Hoodie, you release Zombie Bunny LLC from any liability for injuries, damages, or any other claims related to the use of the product.